Guest Post with G.G. Vandagriff

Hello and welcome to The Dark Circle! Today it is my pleasure to have G.G. Vandagriff with us today. I have a guest post from her where she was asked if she could change places with any of her characters for a day, who would it be and why?

If you could change places with any of your characters for a day, who would it be and why?
I have a hard time choosing just one.  And I would have to be very specific about the day I chose.
I think I would have to be Roxie Castro in my latest book, The Only Way to Paradise. That’s probably because I am already Roxie in a lot of ways.  No one would ever guess it who doesn’t know me really well, but my husband guessed right off.  The book is about four neurotic women in therapy together who ditch their therapist and take off for Florence, where all their problems come to a head.
Roxie’s problem is the worst, but ironically she thinks she is the most well adjusted.  She wears baggy sweats, her hair in a ponytail sticking out of a baseball cap, and treats life as a circus. Her problem is deep seated and she doesn’t even remember the trigger. 
Here are a few of her characteristics:
a.) She’s Cubana, 3rd generation American with a love of salsa dancing, bright colors, traveling, and riding on the motor scooter she rents in Florence—the Red Rocket. (I am so American I have Mayflower roots, I would love to learn to Salsa dance, traveling is my favorite pass time, and I’d love to ride a motor scooter, but my husband would say “over my dead body.”  I’m a terrible driver.)
b.) She’s a journalism professor, but deeply wants to be a novelist.  She lives in the house we lived in in Oakwood, and is absolutely terrified of handsome men who flock to her because she is even more gorgeous than J-Lo.  She is 31 and has never had a relationship.  You guessed it.  Sexual abuse when she was too young to remember. (I am a writer, and find the emotional stripping a great trial but do it anyway, my relationship with men was complicated because I was pretty good-looking for a Stanford girl, had sexual molestation issues when it was the 60’s and so dealt with my dates using hand to hand combat, and had a new boyfriend every month.  Same problem, different reaction)
c.) The most charming, sincere, intelligent, handsome, nurturing, Florentine history professor is attracted to Roxie and then, sensing her hang-ups (when she literally runs away from him several times) he is fascinated by her and wants desperately to help her for both of their sakes. 
I think, therefore, that I would like to be Roxie for a day, after she has gone through therapy (which will occur in a sequel) and is back in Florence (my favorite place), writing her time-travel novel about the murder of Isabella d’Medici (which I plan to do) together with her professor, Stefano, enjoying the agape (selfless love) of the Italians, and the golden light of Tuscany (and , of course, tender but passionate lovemaking with Stefano).  How’s that for a sentence?


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