Review of Nitecliff Evolutions: Legacy

Hi folks, Welcome back. As promised, here is the review.

First of all I'd like to say the book is a must for anyone wanting to read paranormal romance! It held me hostage from the first page and wouldn't let me go until I finished it. It is a heart pounding thrill ride that promises to hold your interest until the very last page.

Madeline Nitecliff is just an ordinary girl. Her only problem is that she keeps on having dreams about a Stonehenge in London and because the dream won't leave her alone she decides to visit the ancient site and see if she can get some answers. Be careful what you wish for. When she get there, however, her would is turned upside down and she's thrust into a life she didn't want, but fate and destiny doesn't always let you have what you desire.

Maddy finds out that she's kin to one of the most famous detectives of all times. Sherlock Holmes. She'd always thought he was just a fiction but she found out, he was real and that she's his grandaughter. Sherlock was the first Nitecliff, a person who is fated to meet and hand down justice in the supernatural realm. Maddy finds out that she's the new Nitecliff and now it's her job. She's the first female to have the role and shes not one bit happy about it.

Not only that, but she meets Bahlin, a dragon who is not only her protector but becomes her lover. He promise to always keep her safe and tells her he loves her with all his heart and would do anything for her. When Maddy get's over the shock of who she is and accepts her role as the Nitecliff, things begin to get a little dicey. She hasn't just become a hunter but now she's become the hunted and everytime she turns around somebody is trying to kill her, but she has a mystery to solve and a justice to meet down and with the help of her dragon, she prays she'll be strong enough.

Denise Tompkins, The Nitecliff Evolutions: Legacy is a very entertaining read. The character are wonderful and the story line fantastic! Denise is a very talented writer and I can't wait to read her other books in the series!

My rating:  *****stars!

Interview with Denise Tompkins

Hello everyone and welcome to The Dark Circle! Today I have with me, Denise Tompkins, author of Nitecliff Evolutions: Legacy, a fast paced, heart stopping thrill ride. Denise thanks for being here with me today!

1. If you have to describe yourself wih one word, what would it be?


2. What did you do before you became a writer?

I spent ten years in Human Resources, holding positions beginning as a paralegal in an employment law practice up to being the Director of Human Resources. I loved so many aspects of that career that I was sorry to see it dissolve due to health issues, but the timing was perfect because it opened the door to writing. I'd dreamed of being an author since I was in first grade.

3. How long did it take you to write The Nitecliff Evolutions: Legacy?

It took me about six weeks to write Legacy. I was a writer on a mission at the time. I wanted to know if I could write a full-length novel, and I wanted to know if I could make the story work. I had no idea it would end up as not only my first novel but also my first novel to sell!

4. What is the main source of inspiration for your writing?

If I have to narrow it down, I really must be honest and say it's my own curiosity that inspires my writing. I think every story I've ever written, very idea that comes to fruition, has begun by me asking myself a series of questions starting with "What if?" For example, "What if a woman were to find out she's not who she thought she was?" "What if a sidekick was more than a sidekick?" "What if you could carve an epic love story out of a multi-layered mystery?"

5. Is there a place you go for inspiration to write?"

I do listen to music, but otherwise I do my best work when I can sit somewhere quiet and stay focused. Usually, this is at home in a spare bedroom. I tend to shift to such an internal state that I have been startled by my husband when he's come in, or when one of the dogs walks in and sticks her nose on me.

6. Are you reading anything right now?

I am! I've just started reading Archangel's Consort by Nalini Singh. She's such an amazingly talented author. I would give an awful lot to  be able to meet her and just talk to her about writing. I love her emotional connection to her characters, and I'd like to be able to replicate that in my own storytelling.

7. Who are some of your favorite authors?

I have four: Diana Gabaldon, Larissa Ione, Laurel K. Hamilton and Nalini Singh. Others that I thouroughly enjoy are Molly Harper, Susan Donovan, JR Ward, Jennifer Cruise, and Suzanne Enoch.

8.What is one food item that you can't live without?

Diet Dr. Pepper. I am a complete and total addict.

9. What do you like to do when you're not writing (hobbies, ect.)?

I love gardening, photography, travel, reading and cooking. Photography and gardening are extensions of my creative side.

10. After I read your book, would you be interested in doing a character interview for my blog? At a later date?


11. What advice would you give to those aspiring writers out there?

Don't be afraid to put your best work out there and stand behind it. Everyone has a first novel. Everyone has fears and doubts. Everyone has fears. But if you let the fear inhibit you, you'll be stuck on your computer forever, waiting until you're "good enough" and that's not fair to you or your developing talent. Take a few risks and  see where it gets you. I ended up with an agent, a publishing contract and a lot of forward momentum!

12. Is there anything else about yourself that you would like your readers to know?

I love to get reader emails. Don't be afraid to reach out to me at and chat with me!

13. What is next for you in 2012?

My newest project is making the rounds in New York while I work on Wrath and Vengance, books two and three of the Nitecliff Evolutions. Wrath will be released digitally on April 3, 2012, the print version of Legacy releases in Summer 2012, and Vengance will be released October 2012 (tentative). It's going to be a very busy year for Maddy Nitecliff!

Denise thank you so much for being here and I would like my readers to stay turned to my blog for a review of Nitecliff Evolutions: Legacy which I'll get on here later today! There will also be a book giveawy!


Please do not put adds on my blog. My blog is to host authors who want to get their books out, it is not to sell products.

Thank you,

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