Review of Stilletos and Scoundrels

Presley Thurman is your average run of the mill single female trying to make a name for herself. She loves her job, most of the time, except for when she's being sexually harrassed by her boss. She also loves to shop.  When she refuses his advances one to many times, he fires her.
Now Presley doesn't know what to do. She really liked the job, working in Human Resources but now she has to start a new career. Growing up, she's always wanted to write so she contacts an old friend of her's, Trevor, who is the editor of a  newspaper, and asks him if she could work for him. Trevor knows Presley's always wanted to write and offers her a job. He gives her an assignment to go back to her home town of  Alkon Illinoise and do an article on Senator Tom Daniels.
After putting on her favorite killer suit and high heels she set's out to get her article. She does her interview and thinks everything is okay but tables are turned when the Senator is murdered. She quickly takes advantage of the news deciding to find the killer herself, thus jumpstarting her writing career.

Cooper Sands job is protecting Senator Daniels. He's head of Security. He's also gorgeous, sexy, and had a thing with Helen in high school. When the two start working on finding the killer together, the passion they  had in high school comes back full force and now he tries his best to keep Presley out of the way but she's stubborn and doesn't take no for an answer.

Laina Turners book Stilletos and Scoundrels has it all. Murder, mystery, lust, and fashon. The story was well told. My only regret was that it was mostly written in Presley's POV. I would have really liked to have gotten into the backgrounds of some of the other characters but that was my only problem with the book. All in all in was well written.

My rating:  ***


Sheila Hendrix said...

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Laina Molaski said...

Thanks for having me Shelia!!

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A great review, Sheila. Thanks so much!

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