Review of Insight by Jamie Magee

A man is never whole without the heart of the one he loves-this heart would be the power to move so many.


    Eighteen year old Willow has a gift. She can feel the emotions of those around her and help where there's a need. She's been this way her whole life. She's also plagued by the same nightmare over and over. It used to only happen during a Blue Moon but lately it's happening everynight. In it, a dark, forboding person taunts her, telling her she's the love of his life. There's another part to the dream in which a handsome, blue-eyed boy is always there, his presence calming her.
   When the dark person brands her with a star that appears in the center of her ankh tattoo, she decides to tell her father. That is when Willow's world is turned upside down. Her father tells her that she is not of this world, neither is he, her mother or her sister. He also tells her it's time that he takes them all home to Chara where everything is beutiful and peaceful.
   When she arrives in Chara, she meets her blue-eyed boy. His name is Landen and he's her soulmate. She is overjoyed Landen is real but there's also another, Drake, who she finds to be the dark figure that haunts her dreams.
    Drake won't rest until Willow belongs to him. He takes her friends hostage and she will stop at nothing to get them back.
   As a battle brews, Willow and Landen find they are the key to everything that happens in Chara and when they find out who they really are, they pray they'll be strong enough to withstand the evil, win the battle and save their friends.

   Insight is the debut novel from Young Adult, fantasy author, Jamie Magee. The story is delightful, drawing me in from the very first page. It's the story of love, family, finding your soulmate and will even have you believing in a place called Chara. I thoroughly enjoyed this imaginitive  book and can't wait to read the next in the series.


My rating:  ****1/2


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