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NURTURE Book Tour post with INSIGHT by Jamie Magee

Hi everyone and welcome. First of all I would like to thank you all for being here! With me today is Jamie Magee who is here to talk about her first ever Young Adult book, Insight. Jamie, thank you so much for being here with me today. If it's okay with you I'd like to start off by asking you some questions about you and your book. I've read it and it is awesome! I can't wait to read the next one.

I would also like to let everyone know, I will be doing a book reveiw Monday, May 2 of the book. Let's get started!
1. Please tell me a little about yourself. When did you realize you wanted to become an author? Hi there! My name is Jamie Magee and my debut novel is Insight. Before writing I was simply a mother, wife, and a business woman. I enjoyed listening to music, watching movies, and playing with my children.  I grew up in the beautiful town of Franklin, TN. Around me it was not hard to find talent, but the talent was not in literature it was in music (Franklin sits just 20 min south of Nashville TN), or in the equestrian world. I’m not one of the blessed people who were born with a defined dream in their heart – I envied those around me who were. When I was eighteen applying for collage, sitting at my parent’s kitchen table with a sea of pamphlets in front of me my thoughts danced across all of the possibilities – in one afternoon my imagination let me be a philosopher, photographer, teacher, veterinarian, and even a fashion designer. Even though my imagination was vivid and created a wonderful life for me – each day dream lacked passion. To pursue anything in this life passion is the core element you need. I decided to just enter the wide field of business and hoped that somewhere in my path I would discover who I was supposed to be. I married my high school sweetheart, my soul mate, when I was only twenty one. It seems so young now, but then our love was the only thing that held any passion in my life. We began our family two years later, and I built my career in the field of business. I found myself living the typical American life, celebrating the milestones in my children’s young lives, and mine and my husband’s career. At times I admit as full as my life was I knew there was something missing.  In December of 2008 like most people I was looking back over the year that was about to end and the one that would begin soon. 2009 and would be a big year for me – I would turn thirty. I know one day I will look back at tell myself that age was not as important as I thought it was, but at that time I began to worry that I had not done enough in my life. I asked myself what was teaching my young children – that life was simply getting married, having children and going to work every day.  I was proud of the life I had given them, but I wanted to teach them that life was about passion and it did not matter how insane their dreams were they should chase them. It’s hard for me to pin point the moment I decided to write Insight – I had been toying with a daydream throughout the month of December of 2008 of this gifted green eyed girl – honestly I think I was just looking for a good love story and at that time I could not find a book or movie to satisfy my craving. On New Years Eve of 2008 sitting next to husband on our couch watching the ball drop in New York I turned and looked at him and said “Alright time for resolutions – I have three: first I want to run every day, then I want to learn to play the guitar – oh yeah and I’m going to write a book, too.” I remember his blue eyes sparkling as he grinned and then turned back to watch the ball fall. My insane resolutions did not catch him off guard, by this point in our lives he was used to my ambitious ideas – however he was not used to me following thorough with any of them. The next day I borrowed a lap top from my father in law and that night I opened a word document and began with “It was a warm day in Franklin”. Honestly I assumed I would grow bored with the idea and by the end of the week and I would find myself lost in my all American life once again, but something strange happened – I found passion. I had no idea what I was doing or how I was doing it. Throughout my day I would daydream the next scene in the book, at night once the kids were tucked away I would write out what I had seen in my mind. I’d written almost 50,000 words before I told any of my friends what I was doing in my ‘free’ time. To say that writing was the last thing they imagined me ever doing would be understatement – thankfully they let me humour them and asked me to verbally tell them my story – I would gage their expressions to see if the story I was telling would interest anyone beyond myself and was surprised when I discovered that Willow Haywood, in her own way, was fascinating.Letting others read what I’d written was to this day, the hardest thing I’ve done in my life. I feared if they hated it that this breath of passion would fade and I would be right back at square one – trying to figure out what mark I was suppose to make in this life.Thankfully, I was able to take in everyone’s feedback – both the positive and the constructive and the passion I had for my story and my characters grew. It’s hard for me to imagination my life without writing in it. I know no matter where my writing career takes me that I have managed to teach my children that life is precious and the passion we have in our souls will lead us to amazing people and a blessed life.
2. What is Insight about?   Insight is a paranormal romance. Willow Haywood by all outward appearances was a normal teenage girl, the only talent she openly displayed was her love of art. Her entire life she had struggled with a six sense, one that allows her to feel others emotions as her own. At times this sense caused images of people to appear in front of her, with a touch she was taken to wherever they may be in this world, and she had the power to change their emotions, to make them happy, or at the very least she brought them to peace.  Beyond this strange characteristic she had vivid dreams. Each night she dreamt of a breathtaking blue eyed boy, the dreams were silent but her gift of emotion told her that he loved her as intently as she loved him. On the night of each new moon she struggled with a painful nightmare – her gift of sensing emotion was taken from her and she battled a suffocating weight on her chest.  All of these odd characteristics came into play when a nightmare marked her wrist with a star and Willow learned who she really was and had no choice but to outrun a fate that was chasing her.
3. What has been your best author experience so far?I have had one of the most amazing years as a writer – everyday I meet new bloggers or readers and find myself falling deeper in love with the world of books and reading. The one experience I remember vividly was my birthday last year. Insight had a very silent release in July, I didn’t really have a launch - I just told my friends on face book and twitter that Insight was now available. By the fall I had reached out to a few pages on face book and had met a lot of outstanding people on the social network. There is a page called Book Reader Addicts the admin of that page Cynthia Hatfield had read and reviewed Insight and really liked it. She asked me to do an interview and a giveaway. Cynthia posted the interview and the giveaway the night before my birthday. I remember waking up the next morning and glancing at the face book app on my phone – the members of the Book Reader Addicts page had commented on my interview and on my Insight page there were countless birthday wishes and comments on my debut. It was the first time felt like an author ~ I simple could not stop smiling. It was one of the best birthday’s I’ve ever had!I admit every time I read a review whether it is  good or bad I smile – I smile because I know that the reader is seeing me as an author – a title I feel honored to carry. I love every single one of my readers!
4. What advice would you give to those wishing to pursue a career as an author? Write – Write as fast as your fingers will let you. There is nothing in this world that can stop you from living in your bliss. Listen to your dreams and let your heart lead you through your perfect daydream.
5. Have you written any other books? Why did you choose that genre?I have completed the next two books in the Insight series and have almost finished the fourth in the series. Last month I took a break and wrote and entirely different story – I can’t say that I will ever publish that story because it is simply too fresh. I feel like this genre picked me –when I sat down to write the story I had no idea what was I creating. I even asked my friends to help me classify the story in the beginning. The best thing about YA is that it’s the beginning – weather you are living through those moments now – or remember them clearly - falling in love –discovering who you are and looking out at a sea of endless possibilities is a remarkable place to be in life. Beyond that, I have always loved the paranormal and a good love story!
6. What's next? I’m very excited to be releasing Embody the second book in the series on June 7th of this year!  I look forward to meeting more readers and writers and taking in the beautiful world of literature one breath at a time.
7. Who is your favorite author?  I love so many authors across varied genres - I always struggle with this question. My favorite novel (which is most defiantly outside of genre) is Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers – to be on the safe side I always answer with Francine Rivers’s name. J
8. Are the characters going to be seen again?Most defiantly! Insight has a large cast of characters that will stretch across the series, in the future books some characters fade as new ones are introduced. I’m simply in love with each and every one of them!
9. Describe your typical writing day.I have a very full and active life outside of writing – so I’m sure my typical day is not like most. All day long with every free thought I have I daydream my story to the next point I need to reach – or simply try to unwind the plot that is building in front of me.  At the end of the day around nine PM I sit down with my lap top and write until around midnight – I never edit at this time, I just let it flow as fast I can. On the weekends I give myself more time, and allow myself to read what I wrote throughout the week, then move the story further. Oddly my strongest, biggest twist seems to come in stolen moments of writing.
10. What is something that will draw the reader to your book?The amount of talent and unforgettable stories on the shelves today is unbelievable. I believe every story has a reader it is intended for. My story has a deep thread that involves soul mates, past lives, and the Zodiac – I believe those elements will draw readers that believe in such things to Insight – or at least that is what I tell myself everyday!
Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me ~ it means so much to me!-- Jamie MaGee
Thank you for being here with us Jamie and I hope you'll drop by again!
I would also like to thank Bobbie Crawford for telling me about this wonderful lady.



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