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Hi everyone and welcome back! Again I wanted to thank Bobbie Crawford and the Nurture Your Book Team for all their hardwork on my VBT! You guys are so great! I would also like to thank all the tour hosts who allowed me on their blog.

I've had a lot of people read and review The Betrayal and although the reviews have been good, most of them say the same thing. "I want more backstory!"

Well your wish is my command. I'm here to talk about the next book in The Dark Circle series. Head Games is a prequel to The Betrayal. It tells more of the backstory and you'll understand certain things a lot bette. It doesn't tell the whole story because well I have to keep people guessing. LOL! Below is a Synopsis and excerpt. Enjoy!


When Matt get's hurt on a job, he decides that him and his brother need to take a vacation. They travel to the hills of Virginia and rent a cabin to relax for a couple a days before they have to continue hunting. The town is supposed to friendly but it's anything but. They find out that the town is controlled by a Satanic Cult and this cult has it's eyes on Zack. Can Matt save Zack before his mind is completely taken over?


Six a.m. came bright and beautiful. The morning was crisp, clear, something Matt had missed the last several months. They had been so busy running for their lives they hadn’t had time to enjoy the day.
    After getting dressed, Matt came into the living room where Zack still slept. There was only one bedroom in the cabin so Zack gave Matt that and took the sleeper sofa. This way Zack would be closer to the doors if somebody tried to break in.
    “Time to rise and shine,” Matt yelled, knowing exactly what Zack would say. His brother was not a morning person. He didn’t usually roll out of bed until ten or later. Of course that little fact didn’t stop Matt. “Oh Zack!”
    Zack groaned, opening his eyes a slit to show Matt he was thinking of how many ways he could kill him as soon as he woke up.
    “What time is it?”
    “In the morning?”
    Matt rolled his eyes. “Yes, in the morning.”
    “Go away Matthew.”
    “Come on Zack. It’s a beautiful day.” Matt strolled over to the refrigerator to get a Coke.
    “Yeah and it will still be a beautiful day in four hours when I decide to get up, now go away.” Zack pulled the covers all the way over his head, hoping Matt would leave him alone. It worked.
    Matt grinned at Zack. “Okay.” He relented knowing he wouldn’t get Zack out of bed until Zack was ready to get up.
    “I’m going for a walk.”
    “No you’re not.” Zack pulled the blanket down from his face.
    “Why not?
    “Because. You don’t need to be going anywhere by yourself. We’ve talked about that Matt.”
    “I know but it’s so nice out there.”
    “No Matt,” Zack said again. “When I get up I’ll go with you.”
    “You won’t get up until lunchtime,” Matt whined.
    Losing his patience, Zack glared at his brother. “You’re not going out there by yourself Matt, so forget it.”
    “Fine!” Matt huffed.
    Satisfied, Zack crawled back under the blankets.
    Matt glanced at Zack, shaking his head, a bit of the blarney in him. Going to the sleeper sofa, he pushed Zack off the bed.
    “Matt!” Zack swore, clearly not in the mood. Grumbling, he picked up the first thing he could get his hands on—his pillow— and threw it at Matt who dodged it and went back to his room laughing.
    An hour later, Matt peered out his bedroom to see if Zack had gone back to sleep. He had, so Matt quietly made his way to the front door and went outside. Zack would kill him if he woke up and found him gone, but he was going stir crazy. It was too pretty to be stuck inside and besides, he planned on being back well before his big brother woke up. Zack never had to know.
    Matt walked around a good forty-five minutes, enjoying the day, thinking how much he needed this.
    A movement across the lake caught his attention. Glancing in that direction, he saw a man in a red robe run into the woods. “What the…?”
    Thinking his eyes were playing tricks on him, he couldn’t shake the bad feeling that was hitting him in the solar plexus. Looking at his watch, he knew Zack would be asleep for awhile yet and gazing back at the cabin, then at the lake, he decided to check it out and hoped to God Zack didn’t wake up before he got back. If he did, Matt knew his ass would be toast.
    Checking out the lake, Matt found a canoe tied to a small dock on the shore. The owner of the property must have left it for customers who wanted to fish or paddle around the lake.
    Matt climbed in, heading for the other side, and upon reaching it, got out and pulled the boat up on the shore.
    Caleb and James stood in the woods dressed in their robes. Chuckling, Caleb realized his plan was coming together beautifully. “We should probably meet our guest in regular clothes.”
    “Yeah, probably,” James agreed and they both went to change.
    Matt walked around for a little while, finally coming to the campfire he and Zack saw the night before. Kneeling down, feeling the ashes, he noticed they were still warm. He also found animal bones scattered all over the site. A couple of feet in front of him was a leaf with something red on it. Feeling it, he noticed it was also sticky and wet.
    “Blood?” Matt frowned saying the word out loud. “What the devil is blood doing here?”
    Matt continued his surveillance of the camp site trying to come up with a reasonable explanation. It wasn’t a random thing, he mused, more like evidence of some sort of ritual.
    Matt remembered the campfire from the previous night, along with the chanting and he groaned inwardly. This wasn’t what he wanted to do while he was here. Now he wished he’d listened to Zack. He shouldn’t have come alone.
    Hearing movement in front of him, Matt raised his head cautiously, staring at the two men walking toward him.
    Oh crap, Matt thought. Neither of them seemed happy. There sure was a lot of that going around.
    Putting on his best grin, he rose slowly to his feet. “Hi. I’m Matt. Um…my brother and I rented the cabin across the lake.”
    Two other men then came and stood behind him, surrounding him, and Matt noticed the new arrivals seemed to be as angry as the other two.
    “The sign clearly says, “No Trespassing.’” James skewered him with a furious stare.
    “I’m sorry. I didn’t see a sign. It’s not everyday you see a groan man running around in a red robe. I was curious, so I came to see what was going on.”
    “I don’t care why you’re here. All I do care about is that you leave, now.”
    Matt knew the guy was pissed, but didn’t know why. None of the others moved from where they were standing. Still surrounding him, Matt noticed they were all scowling.
    He tried to diffuse the situation even though he didn’t know exactly what the situation was.
    “Look, man.” Matt raised his hands, palms out. “I didn’t mean any harm.” He tried to look as non-threatening as possible. “My brother and I saw your campfire last night. Then this morning, I saw the man in the robe. I just came to look. That’s all.”
    “I told you once to leave.” All four men began moving toward Matt, trapping him, giving him no place to go. He was surrounded. A good fighter, usually, Matt knew he would never win a fight against these four.
    James lifted his chin. “Don’t make me tell you again. You should listen to me while you can still walk. You’re trespassing. By law I could shoot you.”
    “Come on.” Matt became exasperated. “I didn’t mean anything!”
    James glanced toward the men standing by him. He and the others advanced on Matt who then backed up.
    The two behind Matt grabbed him. He struggled but couldn’t get free.
    “I’m going to show you what we do to trespassers.” Nodding, James signaled to his cohorts. The guy standing by James sauntered up and hit Matt hard in the stomach. Matt doubled over and would have fallen if it weren’t for a few members of the group holding him.
    “What are you doing?” Matt braced for the next blow, but before it came, Caleb came out of the woods, still wearing the robe.
    “There will be no fighting here. Let him go.”
    The two holding him obeyed and released him. Caleb stared Matt down.
    “You are not welcome here, son.”
    “Really,” Matt replied sarcastically. “I would have never guessed.” He was angry himself, and didn’t mind showing it. “I was trying to be neighborly. I only wanted to know what was over here, but since all this has happened, would somebody like to explain why there’s blood on the ground by the campfire?”
    “I don’t know what you’re talking about. If there is blood, I have no idea how it got there. My people and I are here on a religious retreat, a time of meditation. All we want is to be left alone. Now I’m telling you to leave. I won’t stop them next time.”
    The group started toward Matt once again.
    “Okay, fine! I’m leaving, but you can bet I’ll be back.” He left to go to the cabin.
    Watching him go, Caleb grinned evilly. “And before that, we will visit you.” Nodding to his followers, he walked away.

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aobibliophile™ said...

hi Sheila! i look forward to reading this one. it sounds very interesting may well answer some of the questions i had while reading The Betrayal. thanks c",)

Bobbie @ Nurture Your BOOKS said...

Hi Sheila,

Oh, I love sneak peeks! Thanks for sharing more about your upcoming release, Head Games, a prequel to The Betrayal. I’m sure you already know that I want to read Head Games --- I want to find out more about the brothers and their history and can’t wait to hear when Head Games will be available for us, your fans, to purchase. Great work and thanks again for being such a wonderful person to work with!

All My Best,

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