Review of Seeing for the First Time by Nicole Zoltack

Seeing for the First Time
By Nicole Zoltack
YA fantasy


Nicole Zoltack’s short story, Seeing for the First Time is a delightful read, one I thoroughly enjoyed.

Every year for the past ten years, Ana spends summers with her grandmother. She doesn’t understand it when she hears and sees her grandmother speaking to people and things that doesn’t seem to be there.
Since her grandmother is up in years, Ana fears that she’s going crazy. That is until one day, while in the garden with her grandmother, she actually see’s one of the beautiful orbs her grandmother is speaking to.
When Ana asks her grandmother what is was she was seeing, her grandmother tells her it’s a faerie. She also tells her she’s a Faerie Seer. She explains to Ana that each generation in her family has a particular gift and that her parents were not on vacation but are actually Werewolf hunters and is on a job.
Ana is shocked and wants to know if she also has the gift. Her grandmother tells her she does but Ana would have to find out exactly what her gift is.
After reading several books on the subject, Ana feels compelled to travel to Paradise Cove where she hopes to find answers.
When she arrives at the cove she meets a man in the woods who makes her nervous. The man’s name is Victor and though he seems nice enough, alarm bells start going off in Ana’s head.
Victor turns out to be vampire who attacks Ana and she realizes that she does indeed have the gift. However, she is not a Vampire Seer, she is a Vampire hunter.

I really enjoyed this short story. It was a fast-paced read, full of action and well written. I can not wait to read other books by this fantastic author!

By Sheila Hendrix


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