Evil Personified

Hello everyone and welcome to today's Virtual Book Tour stop for my book, The Betrayal. Thank you Bobbie Crawford at Nurture Your Books! You are great!

Evil Personified

Who is Alanya?

Alanya’s name means, The Destroyer. He is evil personified. His soul purpose in all his existence is to steal the essence of people who have special powers, children especially. They taste better and their powers are stronger and purer than those of adults. It makes him stronger. Stealing from children is like partaking in feast to him.  He’s half human, half demon. He is not Satan nor a demon. He controls all evil and he loves torture. He’s been around for generations and it’s his job to take the souls of children with these special powers. He does not like to be defied and up until seventeen years ago, he had no problem with his mission.

When Matthew McCannon was born, a party broke out in Alanya’s lair. This child, even as a baby, had a pure heart and a strong spirit. Alanya knew that if he could take the child, his strength would soar. There was something about him that Alanya couldn’t put his finger on but he knew he had to have him. There was only one problem, Matt’s brother Zack. Alanya tried on numerous occasions to take the child but Zack, only a year older than Matt, always stood in the demon’s way.

As king of the underworld, he can not believe that a mere human child can beat him. Now he will do whatever he needs to do to destroy both brothers, making them an example to humans throughout eternity, that he is not to be beaten.

Welcome to my blog folks. Come in, grab a cup of coffee or a glass of tea and make yourself at home. Today I’m here to introduce my book The Betrayal, book one in The Dark Circle book series about two brothers, bound by love and tragedy. I will be giving away a free paperback and a free ebook to one lucky winner! Here are the rules:

2. Go to my website and leave a comment. (
3. Answer the following questions.
   A. Have you ever encountered anything supernatural? Can you tell us about it?
   B. What is a demon to you? Do you believe in them? What is their purpose in life?

One lucky person will win a
Dark Circle
swag package which will include a tshirt, cup and keychain.

The contest will go through Sunday. A winner will be picked Monday. Good luck and have fun!


aobibliophile™ said...

hi Sheila! today is your spot on the tour. congrats. two stops more to go and i can't believe the tour's going to be over soon. to answer your questions:
A. my Mom told me that when i was around 6 or 7 i had an encounter with the supernatural. i was left alone with the maid. i couldn't remember what really happened. when they got home from work, they said that i told them i had a playmate. when they asked the maid who i was playing with, she said she didn't see anyone. when they asked me who it was i simply pointed to our statue of the child Jesus. c",)
B: demons are fallen angels, evil spirits out to make mischief and to lead people away from the Light - away from God. as a Christian, i do believe in their existence. one way they prove their cunning and deceit is when some people say they don't exist. i feel that these people have played well into their hands.

thanks for this giveaway! all the best c",)

Sheila Hendrix said...

Thanks A.O. and I agree with you completely!

Bobbie @ Nurture Your BOOKS said...

Hi Sheila,

I wanted to stop by and say hello! I've really enjoyed reading through your post of "Evil Personified" --- very, very interesting. Alanya sounds like one evil dude --- I can't wait to find out more about him!

You are most welcome, Sheila. We'd like to include a big thank you to the wonderful tour hosts as well. Thank you. :-)

Have a super day and we'll see everyone over at the Nurture Your BOOKS™ blog, tomorrow:

Have fun!

All My Best,

Raonaid Luckwell said...

Hi Sheila!

A. Have you ever encountered anything supernatural? Can you tell us about it?

Ehh, not really certain. The apartment we lived in before here, it use to be a larger house and owned by the woman who piloted the Delta Queen Sternwheeler. There was wonky things that happened. Strange scents like coffee when we do not drink coffee nor had any neighbors above.

B. What is a demon to you? Do you believe in them? What is their purpose in life?

Demon, well they can be intepretted in many ways.. Do I believe in them... Why not? Just because I have had no dealings with them does not mean they do not exist. It could be that they keep a low profile. Their purpose? I guess it would depend on each one. Each purposes are different

LunaMoth said...

Hi! your book looks super interesting.

1. Have you ever encountered anything supernatural? can you tel us about it?

I dont want to sound like a nutjob, but yes.. a few times actually. the most vivid was when i was sleeping, i woke up and looked over to my tv, i KNOW i was awake and when i looke dover i saw a little boy reaching up to the top of my dresser, i asked him 'what are you doing?' and he looked, i blinked and he was gone. i stayed awake for an hour or so after that totally awestruck.

2. what is a demon to you? do you believe in them? what is thier purpose in life.

I cant say i believe in the horns and fire demons that everyone associates them as, I can say that i think demons are people, humans. they are the evil in us, they are the voices that say to do bad things, im not saying they are the reason bad people do bad things, thats always your own free will but they are the part of you that decides to do it. As for thier purpose in life, ive not a clue.

Sheila Hendrix said...

Congratulations Raonaid! You've one either a print copy or ebook copy of The Betrayal! Just let me know which one you want. Send me an email at Thanks and I hope you enjoy!


Sheila Hendrix said...

Hey Luna!

You won! Just let me know which you prefer.The ebook or print. Send and email to I hope you enjoy!

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