Complete VBT Schedule: Nurture Your Books

Hi Sheila,
Here is the full book tour schedule for your tour, with direct links to the posts:
The Betrayal - Book Tour Schedule
with NURTURE Virtual BOOK Tourz
·       March 1st - CMash Loves To Read with Cheryl M.

·       March 2nd - A Universe in Words with Juliane
·       March 3rd - aobibliosphere™ with A.O.

·       March 4th - Juniper Grove with Jaidis
·       March 5th - The Book Tree with Laura
·       March 6th - Fade Into Fantasy with Theresa
·       March 7th - My life With Boys and Books with Rebecca

·       March 8th - Books Like Breathing with Grace L.
·       March 9th - The Book Faery Reviews with Farrah
·       March 10th - Sheila Hendrix blog
·       March 11th - Nurture Your BOOKS™ blog with Bobbie Crawford-McCoy
·       March 12th - Everyone Loves A SiNner with Beverly
·       March 13th - My book addiction and more... with April & Wendy
·       March 14th - Sheila Hendrix blog with Sheila Hendrix
·       March 15th - Black Diamond's Book Reviews with Cheryl
I would recommend that you add a new post to your blog; then copy and paste the above information into that post --- it will make it really easy for readers to find all of the posts in the future.
Cheryl did a really great job today on the guest author post & giveaway! I am so proud of all of our hosts!
Thanks again for being such a great person to work with; Im so glad that were friends. :-)


Sheila Hendrix said...

Thanks Bobbie! You are great!


Bobbie @ Nurture Your BOOKS said...

You're welcome, Sheila. You are too! :-)

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