Reveiw of The Betrayal

Review of The Betrayal
by Sheila Hendrix

Eighteen-year-old Zack McCannon needs to keep a close guard over in his younger brother, Matt. The boys, abandoned by their parents ten years earlier were raised by their grandparents, though Zack feels duty bound to take care of his brother…not because of Matt being a year younger, but because of Matt’s powers. Matt possesses special gifts—gifts that evil beings covet—and this is why the brothers must constantly be on the run. Where they aspire to bring good to the world and to help others, the demons want to control Matt to tap into his powers for their own wicked agendas.

When Matt dreams about a certain cave, he drags Zack there, insisting the dire need to check it out. Once there, evil strikes when demon Alanya, also known as “The Destroyer” traps them within invisible bars. Thinking he has the boys right where he wants them, Alanya—a creature of contemptible iniquity—plans to gain control over Matt and take over his powers. Alanya has been after the teens ever since Zack thwarted him from possessing Matt in the past. Angered by Zack’s hold over his brother and his intent to keep Matt safe, Alanya is determined to win control of Matt as well as torture Zack while making Matt a spectator to his debauchery.

For a while, Alanya manages to manipulate the younger McCannon, though Zack, the brunt of horrendous attacks through the creature’s mind games, finally gets through to Matt keeping evil at bay. However, the brothers realize they cannot slay this demon on their own and call on their two police officer friends to help in their fight. Bryan and Tony do not believe their story until Alanya takes control of them, playing them off each other. Though they may lose their lives, they stick together, determined to go to any measure to fight and destroy this vile entity.

Ms. Hendrix’s edge-of-the-seat thriller plots good against evil. This fast-paced novel is sure to be a hit among the young adult crowd. This is an author to watch!

 Reviewer Nancy Carty Lepri is the author of a children’s chapter book, Tiny Angel, and is an illustrator and freelance editor.    


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